Tupelo Press Writing Conferences:  San Francisco Bay Area

By popular demand, we’ve added a mid-week session (Wednesday-Thursday, January 21-22, 2015) to the Tupelo Press Bay Area Poetry Conference. (Weekend
sessions are closed out.)
This two-day session will be given in an absolutely
stunning private home and garden on Bay Street near Fisherman’s Wharf. We will focus on what we learn for our own work from Pablo Neruda and will include both generative work as well as analysis and review of your previously written poems. For a sneak preview of the “Pre-Conference Program and Neruda Assignments,” click here.
For “What Sets Tupelo Conferences Apart,” please click here.
For more information, please visit the website, here, email us atconferences@tupelopress.org, or call 413 664 9611.

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