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  1. Hi Sarah.
    I enjoyed viewing your landscapes on the Eclipse Mill website. I am not an artist, but am often inspired by art in different medias.
    Recently I watched a piece on one of the Public Television Stations. When a saw the show on the Painted Screen Society in Baltimore MD. , it made me think about the row houses and the old buildings in the area. I wondered if it could be a project for local artists to consider. Apparently it’s considered a type of folk art. It would be a wonderful way to beautify local architecture.
    The window screens are painted on in such a way that you can see out of them but a passer-by can only see the painting (not in inside of the home).
    I only wanted to share this with someone who might find it interesting or useful.
    The Painted Screen Society does have a web site if your curious.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    Dawn Durant Powell

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