Rick Harlow


Harlow-From the Inside Out

 “From The Inside Out” 2006 Oil on canvas 60″x92″

A Boston-born artist, Rick received his BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 1973 and his MFA from University of Cincinnati in 1979. His work has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions, and has been reviewed by publications such as The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix, The Boston Herald and Art New England. He has also appeared in Audubon magazine, Cultural Survival Quarterly, Earthwatch and MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) for his projects with indigenous communities in Colombia. His paintings are frequently on display at Clark Gallery in Lincoln, Massachusetts. He has been an invited speaker at many colleges and organizations in the United States and abroad.

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  1. Hello Rick,

    The Performing Arts Department at MASS MoCA is working with an incredible group, Projet In Situ, performing “La Ronde / The Round”. Projet In Situ is looking for creative volunteers of all ages to narrate a site-sensitive tour of some of the unseen spaces throughout MASS MoCA. As a part of the Northern Berkshire creative community, we thought you may know of some individuals (or yourself!) who may be interested in being a part of such a unique project.

    You can find more information from our website or Projet In Situ’s site.

    No prior artistic experience is needed. Participants only need to be curious, feel comfortable recording their voice, and be willing to share their own creativity in the process. We are looking for eight people who will record their experiences for the performance presented by MASS MoCA on Thursday & Friday, May 19-20. The project’s organizers, Martial Chazallon and Martin Chaput, will guide volunteers through the recording process and work with the narrators during a weekend workshop on May 7- 8 at the museum.

    Please be in touch with Shannon Fox at sfox@massmoca.org or by calling 413-664-4481 x8142 if you or anyone you know would like to be a part of this unique site-specific project, as she would be happy to discuss in further detail.


  2. Dear Rick,

    I am a high school art teacher at Berkshire Arts and Technology Public High School in Adams, MA. We are applying for a grant to bring in artists of the Berkshires into the classroom to discuss their business model, skill set, craft, and how they went from high school to college to full time entrepreneur. It would not be for the next school year, but the year after that, 2017-2018.

    What does this mean for you?
    You were brought up in our meeting as a potential artistic professional that is local, talented, and successful. And you create BEAUTIFUL works of art! We would ask for you to come into school and discuss with the class about how you got to where you are. Then perhaps lead a project that they could do for a grade. Teachers can assist or do all of the grading – your choice. Students currently take painting classes and many students have been given awards at art shows!

    Time requirements: very flexible! could do a one-day visit up to a three-week stint with a one hour class three days a week. You could propose a project that you or the art teachers would carry out over 1 day to a 3 week course. Again, this is very flexible to fit what you would be willing to do. It could be one day or much more.

    You would be paid for your time. All supplies would be covered by the school. An art teacher (likely myself, Karin Stack, or JP Henkel) will be present at all times and will assist in any way needed.

    What we need from you now to apply for the grant:
    – Written confirmation that you would be willing to talk to the students and propose a project for them to execute.
    – your bio
    – a few of your portfolio images as JPEGS.

    Please let me know of your thoughts as soon as possible. Our deadline is mid July. Our grant writer, Brian O’Grady, can be reached at brian.ogrady@bartcharter.org.

    Thanks and more thanks for considering to help inspire our next generation of professionals in the visual arts! Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We are happy to answer them.

    Emily Brannan & Brian O’Grady

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