Interested in living in the Eclipse Mill?

The Eclipse Mill is an artists’ community consisting of forty artist studio lofts located in a district zoned industrial by the City of North Adams, Massachusetts. While the primary use of the lofts is for active engagement in artistic endeavors, the City allows accessory residential use, and each loft is livable, with its own amenities. Residents share in the use of common spaces, including the Eclipse Mill Gallery on the first floor, which hosts numerous exhibitions each year, and smaller, informal alcove gallery spaces on each floor.

Who qualifies?

Eclipse Mill artists are actively engaged in the arts. If you:

  • create imaginative works of aesthetic value, including but not limited to visual art, literature, poetry, playwriting, film, video, digital media works, costume design, photography, architecture, music composition and conceptual art
  • create functional art, including but not limited to jewelry, rugs, quilts, furniture and other decor, pottery, toys, graphic design and illustration, etc.
  • are a performer, including, but not limited to, singers, musicians, dancers, actors and performance artists
  • are engaged in the arts in a supportive role, such as that of an arts educator, critic, scholar, curator, gallerist, editor, publisher, consultant, etc.
  • and have demonstrated a serious, consistent commitment to your creative pursuit

we would happily consider a current CV, images of your work, reviews, publications and other supporting materials as evidence of your artistic commitment.

See Lofts for Sale or Lofts for Rent for information on available lofts.

If you are interested in one of the lofts listed for sale or rent, contact the owner directly and ask for an application.