Poetry Gone “GONZO”

by Gail McCarthy, Gloucester Daily Times.

Pictured here is George Nugent (1890-1965), whom poet and descendant Charles Giuliano refers to as the “Boss Tweed” of Gloucester. He once owned a vast wedge of land that ran from Dogtown to the waterfront that now includes Good Harbor Beach and the nearby Nugent Farm condos and shopping strip located off Eastern Avenue.

Poet Charles Giuliano, who spent the summers of his youth in Annisquam, will hold a reading about his latest works, one is a recently published book of poems “Shards of a Life,” and the other is a not-yet-published book about his connection to the word “gonzo.”

Giuliano, who is retired from teaching art history for Suffolk University/New England School of Art and Design, has gone “gonzo” himself as a poet, having written 236 poems in a year.

“I kind of scribbled things all my life, sporadically here and there,” he said in a phone interview. Early in his career, he was a staff critic for the Boston Herald Traveler and Boston After Dark/ Phoenix.

Giuliano currently lives in the Berkshires where he and his wife, Astrid Hiemer, publish the online magazine Berkshire Fine Arts, which includes their work as well as a number of critics covering the arts.

The website led Giuliano on his serendipitous path as a poet. Last August, he wrote a poem titled “August” and posted it on the website. His plan was to write 12 poems.

Almost immediately, he said, he was contacted by the curator for Berkshire Artist Museum in North Adams, who offered him a reading.

“I had written only three poems at that point, so that was the challenge to have more poems, and by September there were 100 poems,” he said.


Those first poems are now the book “Shards of a Life,” a number of which relate to growing up in Annisquam. The 169-page book is illustrated with images of his Irish/Italian family as well as the rock and jazz musicians he covered for numerous publications.

Giuliano went on to write another 136 poems from September 2014 to August 2015, which inspired a second book titled “Total Gonzo Poems,” which will come out in the fall. The second book contains a chapter about the Nugents of Rockport, who are prominent figures in Cape Ann history.

Charles will give a reading of Shards of a Life at the Annisquam Village Library at 7:30 om, August 27.

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