Welcome to the Eclipse Mill!

The Eclipse Mill live/work community consists of a wide range of artists and artisans, currently including painters, writers, potters, fiber artists, composers, educators, a bookseller, a conservator, a light designer, an art dealer and a publishing house. The building is much more than a renovated textile mill with studio space. It is a vital group of creative individuals working independently and collectively to make a live/work space that fits the needs of all. The condo association is self-governed, with various committees and a board to govern the day to day running of the building. Each floor has its own neighborhood culture, with dinners and coffees a frequent result. The first floor has a large shared gallery where exhibits and openings contribute to the artistic engagement of the region.


photo courtesy of Roman Iwasiwka

An 1800s brick mill building on the Hoosac River in view of Mount Greylock, the Eclipse Mill is situated in the Berkshires, a gorgeous corner of New England. Carefully restored, the lofts average 2,200 sq. ft., with 14′ ceilings and 10′ windows, hardwood floors, individual heating systems, and individual dry-basement storage units.

We benefit from being within walking distance of:

Nearby lie the cultural and outdoor richness of the Appalachian Trail, the newly renovated Clark Art Museum and Williams College with its summer theater, art museum and film festivals. Also within easy driving distance are:

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Eclipse Mill Artist Lofts is a community of artists
living and working
in a former textile mill in North Adams, Massachusetts.
The founding purpose of the lofts was to create live/work space
for the pursuit of serious creative endeavors.
The four-story building houses painters, photographers, designers, musicians, kinetic artists, writers...
textile artists...
ceramic artists
a bookseller...
the fourth largest independent literary press in the country...
and two galleries...
including the Eclipse Mill Gallery.
Owners and tenants contribute to a sense of community
The condominium association is self-managed, governed by an elected board of trustees.
Residents contribute
to the burgeoning art scene of the Northern Berkshires...
and participate in artistic events
that nourish the spirit and the vitality of the community.

For more about the Eclipse Mill and its history, see: A Glimpse Into The Past and The-Mill-Children-Teachers-Guide.