Fourth Annual Tupelo Press Bay Area Writing Conference

Midweek — San Francisco, January 27-28, 2016
Weekend — Portola Valley, January 30-31, 2016
Coming in January, our fourth annualBay Area Poetry Conference, offered in two-day, intimate, private settings for small groups of poets who are dedicated to growing their work by leaps and bounds.
Regarding his exciting and innovative plan for the upcoming workshops, Jeffrey Levine, award-winning poet and Publisher of nationally acclaimed Tupelo Press, says, “Thinking as a translator of your own work — working your way into drafts to discover the range of intentions and motives perhaps as yet unknown even to you — you will discover an entirely new way to approach revision — one that opens up worlds of possibility. I’ll be sharing these ideas in poetry conferences around the country, but I’m excited to launch this new creative method with you in the Bay Area.”
Click here for Jeffrey Levine’s fuller description of the “Translating our Own Work” workshop.

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