Ed Carson – Hairy Rodney



 Hairy Rodney, 40×30, acrylic

The Repentant Art Thief

One day I received a knock on my door from a stranger who apologized for stealing my painting. Having no idea what he was talking about he went on to explain how he was at a crowded restaurant and spotted Hairy Rodney on the wall. He really liked the painting, and being very drunk simply lifted it off the wall and walked out the front door of the restaurant with painting in hand. This was no small feat considering it was a busy weekend night and it’s a rather large painting.

The thief went on to explain that when he awoke the next day he saw the painting on the floor of his apartment, realized what he had done and wanted to return it, but was afraid to go to the police. So he googled me, found out where I lived, and came knocking. We went to his car where I retrieved the painting. I told him I was happy that he liked the painting well enough to steal it. He said someday when he had enough money he’d be back to buy it (I’m not holding my breath).



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