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Gather your words and write with us this spring! Let March winds blow as you generate 30 poems, and assemble them to work with at the end of the month. Join a vibrant community of poets who are becoming a phenomenal network of support for one around the world!
Interested poets can send three sample poems and a short bio to
I tried to set up a little set of rules I would have to follow and sustain for this month’s project that would keep me interested and keep me pushing. Why not go for where we ourselves as the writers are most curious and impassioned, eh? Everyone on this project is such a delight to write with.
–Jen Lagedrost
I am indebted to those who took the time to email me, text me, inbox me, and support me (and Tupelo Press) through their words and dollars. When I most wondered if anyone was listening/reading, I would get an email or message saying “Yes! I loved it!” This sustained me.
–Jim Landwehr

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  1. This notice, kindly posted by Vin, refers to our “30/30 program” – poets sign up to write an new poem every day for a month, and Tupelo Press posts that poem on the 30/30 blog site — seen around the word. Simultaneously, like a Run for the Cure, or whatever, each participating poet seeks sponsorship from friends and colleagues in the way of contributions made to Tupelo in honor of a specif 30/30 poet. Here’s the link to the 30/30 Project:

    We are also offering 8 artists residencies for writers at MASS MoCA, with mentoring by Tupelo Press, April 22-28. Residencies include 24/7 access to your own studio at MASS MoCA for one week, all the workshop and guest appearance time you care to schedule in (or not, if you prefer just to work). Includes a gala dinner at the Tupelo Press loft. Here’s the link:

    Residencies will also be offered July 15-21, and again Oct. 21-27.

    My best, Jeffrey

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