Eclipse Mill Lofts

is a community of artists

living and working

in a former textile mill in North Adams, Massachusetts.

The founding purpose of the lofts

was to create live/work spaces

for the pursuit of serious creative endeavors.

The four-story building

houses painters, photographers, designers, musicians, kinetic artists, writers...

textile artists

ceramic artists

a bookseller

specializing in art books

the fourth largest

and two galleries...

including the Eclipse Mill Gallery,

jointly owned and cooperatively managed by resident artists.

Owners and tenants


to a sense of community.

The condominium association

is self-managed, governed by an elected board of trustees.

Residents contribute...

to the burgeoning art scene of the Northern Berkshires...

and participate in artistic events

that nourish the spirit

and the vitality of the community.



A Glimpse Into The Past